Haus an der Bahnhofsrestauration

The sufficiency and ecological implementation of a residential building. In this project, these two principles were consequently applied. Sufficiency in this context includes not only the spatial design, but also in particular the design of the technical building services. This is because it was only implemented selectively in essential rooms, such as the recreation room on the ground floor and the bathrooms on the upper floor. With the help of thermal building simulations, it was thus possible to show that the final energy demand could be reduced by -61 % compared to a conventional design.

Furthermore, the building was implemented in an all-wood construction. The life cycle assessment shows that the building thus binds around 49,000 kg of CO₂ and represents a positive added value in terms of climate protection.

The scope of services included:

  • Life cycle assessment (LCA)
  • Thermal building simulations